Where to Site Fragrant Plants in the Garden

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If fragrant plants are on your list of things to plant this autumn, be sure to consider these tips for the best placements for these dynamic additions to the garden:

fragrant plants mock orange
  • Plants emit their scents in different ways—some have fragrances that drift on the air while others have scents that are released only when you touch the plant. Use fragrant plants from both categories in the fragrant garden.
  • You can site plants whose scents drift on the air farther away from sitting areas or open windows. Just be sure to consider the typical wind direction, so that the fragrance blows toward you.
  • Place plants that require a touch to release their fragrance alongside a path, where they’ll be brushed up against by passersby.
  • Choose heirloom varieties of fragrant plants—these typically have the strongest scents.
  • Avoid placing strongly fragrant plants closer than 10 feet together, to avoid clashes of fragrance. Fill the areas in between them with unscented plants.

Image: Mock orange Credit: Pali137 / iStock / Getty Images