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The Best Pots for a Long-term Container Planting

Many trees, shrubs and perennials will grow well in containers, providing an interesting focal point for your garden or an accent for an entry way or other small space. It is key to choose the right pot.

potted tree

When selecting a container, keep in mind that at some point you will need to repot your plants in order to replenish the soil and possibly prune the roots. Therefore, choose a pot from which you can safely and easily remove the plant—without damaging either it or the pot. The best selection is a container that does not have a lip or edge that curves inward over the soil. It should be wider at the top than it is at the bottom. If the planting must remain outside all year, be sure that it can withstand the extremes of your climate. This is especially key in regions where the temperatures dip below freezing and/or fluctuate widely over the winter. Here you must be sure that the pot is built to resist cracking in freezing weather. If you plan to bring the planting into shelter for the winter, or otherwise move it around, be aware of how much it and its contents will weigh. You may want to keep it on a wheeled base for ease of movement. (Choose casters that lock or devise some other way to keep the wheels stationery between moves.)

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Image: Giovanni Dall'Orto
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