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Reuse Coffee Pods as Seed-starting Pots

Single-serve coffee brewers are convenient, but the used plastic brew cups seem so wasteful. We’ve heard of gardeners giving these pods a second use: seed-starting containers.


We haven’t tried it ourselves, but a single-serve coffee pod is a good size for starting a single seed (or sowing several seeds and culling the seedlings down to one). The pod already has a drainage hole, thanks to the brewing machine. All that's left to do is remove the foil top of the pod, clean it out, fill it with seed-starting mix and proceed as you would with any seed-starting vessel. (That said, one gardener even reports sowing seeds into the used coffee grounds or tea leaves, rather than replacing them with seed-starting mix first.)


Image credits, top to bottom: ImagePixel / iStock / Getty Images; Bloomberg / Bloomberg / Getty Images