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Designing a Garden with the Color Green

Designing a garden requires careful consideration of color and how colors work together. Green isn’t always given much thought, but certain plants can be highlighted specifically for their gorgeous shades of green. If you want to make those standout green plants really shine when you’re designing a garden, try placing them in these compelling combos:


Green and pink: This combinations looks fun and cheerful. Bright shades will convey a lively, tropical feeling, while soft greens and pastel pinks are more mellow.

Green and white: A green-and-white garden looks cool, clean and elegant, even in the height of summer.

Green and blue: These colors sit together on the color wheel, so they work in harmony . When you’re designing a garden with green and blue, bear in mind that they recede from the eye, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Green and yellow: This pair also neighbors each other on the color wheel, but because yellows are warm or hot, the combination is more exciting. It pops toward the eye rather than receding.

Green and brown: Designing a garden requires use of neutrals, particularly if you want a quiet, natural scene. Ornamental grasses and dark-leaved perennials and shrubs can provide lovely, warm brown among your green-leaved plants.