Go for the Gold Plants in the Garden

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The Summer Olympics open this Friday. While the world’s top athletes covet the gold medal, think about adding golden plants to your garden!

golden duke hemlock

Gold leaves and flowers are eye-catching. They can brighten a shade garden or add shimmer to a sunny garden. While you’re looking for places to incorporate gold plants in your garden, keep in mind these tips:
• Gold is a versatile color that contrasts well with blue and purple. For a bold, hot combination try it with orange or red.
• White and gold make a clean and classic combination and look particularly nice in shade.
• Strong midday or afternoon sun can scorch some gold-leaved plants, even those rated as sun plants. Look for varieties that don’t scorch, or place your gold plants where they get protection from the strongest sun.

Favorite gold plants for sun
‘Golden Duke’ hemlock (shown above; image courtesy of Monrovia)
‘Goldhill’ golden aster
‘Dwarf Bright Gold’ yew
‘Baggensen’s Gold’ shrub honeysuckle
Golden hop vine
Golden barrel cactus
‘Arnold Dwarf’ forsythia

Favorite gold plants for shade
‘Sun King’ aralia and many more
• ‘Golden Duchess’ hemlock