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You know you’re a gardener when …

One would think that this landless gardener would not have the same obsessions, the same single mindedness as those who own gardens have, but you would be wrong. Spring fever has struck me harder than ever before. I can take any topic of conversation, any event planned for the day and make a connection to gardening. Tax season you say? Perfect. That means some mad money for plants! I’ve been invited to a bridal shower? I hope she registered for garden tools. When I am stopped on the exit ramp on the way to work I think that a few wild flowers would really spiff up the area.

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Goes to show, once a gardener, always a gardener! Are you a gardener?

You know you are a gardener when …

  • opening day is when the nurseries open, not the start of the baseball season
  • the last time your car’s trunk was free of mud and garden tools was the day you drove it off the lot
  • you watch emerging bulbs with the same excitement and anticipation as a chef watches over her roast in the oven
  • your favorite pair of boots are Muck boots
  • you wear nail polish not for the love of a good manicure, but to hide the garden soil under your nails you can’t remove no matter how long you scrub
  • you watch golf on television for the beautifully landscaped courses
  • all your kitchen shears have found their way to the garden
  • your lunch hour and your lunch money are spent at the nursery

And a few favorites from my gardening Facebook friends…

  • a yard of steer manure is on your birthday wish list
  • you pick up a stray worm, pat it on the head and set it down lovingly and closer to your plants
  • you appreciate your Master Gardener badge more than your jewelry!

Jennifer Koester is The Landless Gardener and the Garden Blog Editor for Horticulture Magazine. She is the author of the garden blog, The Garden Life.