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Winter interest from Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens

Winter in the perennial garden with a focus on grasses, featuring Diane Mumm of Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens.

Introducing to you today the topic of ornamental grasses in the winter garden by Diane Mumm of Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens.

Diane Mumm winter grasses

A recent post that Diane Mumm wrote at Best Garden is getting a good bit of attention so sharing at became a mission of mine. The focus was winter interests with grasses. I had to investigate further and discoverd a treasure trove of information on grasses at her website, Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens.

Diane writes of herself from her profile at Best Garden Blogs:

~~My name is Diane Mumm, I run a greenhouse nursery business in southwest Iowa since 1999. Out in the country you will drive to find us on our 80 acre farm.

The greenhouse is a 40x70 in size making this plenty big for production of any type of plant. You also can come on over to our perennial area that is near the greenhouse where all the perennials will be offered.~~

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Anna Looper, Garden Blog Editor

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