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Why Organics?

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“The earth neither grows old or wears out if it is dunged (composted).” Columella, circa 45. A.D.

The term “organic” should conjure thoughts of not only living a healthier lifestyle through diet, but also bring forth the idea of a holistic approach to all facets of ones life. By applying organic gardening methods we are taking advantage of nature’s “checks and balance” system. Why are more people today turning to organics? One of the most important reasons is for safety of not only ourselves but for our environment- we don’t want to subject or condemn future generations to unnecessary dangers. Below is a list of a few reasons Marvin’s Organic Gardens believes in organic gardening practices.

1. Because of lower input and production costs, organic methods are less expensive in the long run.

2. Quick fix chemical fertilizers and pesticides have many downfalls such as contribution to air pollution, contaminated water, and many human and animal health repercussions.

3. When using synthetic garden chemicals, harmful residue can rub off on your clothing and skin to carpet and furniture, possibly transferring it to unsuspecting individuals and animals.

4. We kill the beneficial microorganisms in the soil when we apply harmful synthetics. Soil is alive- don’t treat it like dirt.

5. Organic products such as MOG compost, and our MOG 8-3-3 fertilizer persist for longer periods of time, requiring fewer applications and expense to users.

6. Organic practices promote “Soil Organic Matter” which stimulates healthy plants that are able to ward off insect and disease outbreaks naturally.

7. Healthy soil has the ability to not only break down toxic chemicals and harmful soil-borne diseases into safe, stable by-products, but also helps to reduce soil erosion, promote better drainage in your soil, and increase soils ability to hold nutrients for plant root uptake.

8. Organic products biodegrade with few to no harmful residuals, so rarely are long-term damaging affects seen when compared with conventional methods.

9. Organic gardening practices encourage beneficial birds, frogs, insects and microorganisms to take care of day-to-day gardening challenges, ultimately reducing our workload.

10. Organic gardening methods encourage sustainable practices which are safe and simple, promoting healthier and more vibrant end results.

Marvin’s Organic Gardens has a full service garden center and landscape installation/design operation based in Lebanon, Ohio, and is ready to help you with all your gardening endeavors. If you would like more information on starting or maintaining your own organic landscape, lawn or vegetable gardens, please contact Wes Duren at 513-398-5753.