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Potting Flowers with Mrs. Livings


Who was it who said…we come from the earth…we return to the earth…and in between…we garden… Well, today I potted flowers. Flowers to line the steps of ours stairs. Flowers to brighten our porch and our patio. Plus, flowers to grow indoors on our windowsills…

Mrs. Livings Potting Flowers

Mrs. Livings Potting Flowers

I spent a quiet today…just potting them…and placing them… stepping back…then rearranging them…

How peaceful it was…just my thoughts, and those flowers…so peaceful and so very still…

Mrs. Livings Potting Flowers - Detail
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Mrs. Livings is an avid gardener and nature lover. She is the author of the blog, The Simple Livings and lives with her husband in the beautiful village of Livingsville, USA.