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Ice and snow, freezing temperatures; it’s enough to make a gardener cry "Uncle!" One of the best escapes from the winter doldrums is reading garden blogs. That’s what I was doing last night as the freezing rain tapped against my windows. Thankfully, I found an escape in our newest Best Gardening Blogs recipient, Growing with Plantsby Matt Mattus.


In his Massachusetts garden and greenhouse, Matt collects and grows rare and unusual plants. A recent post on mini-head lettuce will bring a smile to our many vegetable gardeners. But it was the Jan. 4 post, Sunny Sundays in January, it’s why one keeps a greenhouse, that had me forgetting about the cold and ice just outside my door.


From Thinking big, and small, with mini lettuce: "I have decided to grow a garden of mini-head lettuce. If you wonder why Europeans like mini heads of lettuce, next time you are in your market, buy one of these small heads which we Americans usually pass over for poly bagged mixes (eew...washed in chlorine and tasteless) or for large overfertilized Iceberg heads, and find out why they are so preferred, the nutty taste and sweet flavor might convince you too. It converted me, and I am a classic Iceberg fan and not afraid to admit it!"

To read more, visit Growing with Plants.


Jenny Koester is the Garden Blog Editor and author of the garden blog The Garden Life.


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