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You Don't Bring Me Flowers...

For years I wouldn't let Dan bring me flowers, I prefer my own and... He'd get it wrong and bring me Alstroemeria or something...

Bad to the phloem!

I just told him to not even try. He had to earn the right to bring me flowers, which makes me a little harder to deal with than most women. I imagine normal chicks melt when they get a box of roses or sigh when they get a dozen tulips in spring...

Not I.

I bitch about the roses being scentless and soulless...And the tulips? After planting about 60,000 of them in my career- I'd STILL rather you buy me a dozen bulbs than a dozen cut stems. I don't care how much fancy tissue they come wrapped in (and I'm a SUCKER for tissue paper).

Now, Dan has learned about plants and gardening. He gets it. Finally.

Good job, honey!

Good job, honey!

I was so pleased when he brought me home a trio of sunflowers on Friday. They are in season, inexpensive... I didn't grow any this year... Cheery and fun!

I can't complain, even though I usually do.

And the BONUS? I'm going to save the seeds and grow them along my fence next year so that I always remember these flowers!