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Winning Views – 2015 Garden Photo Contest Winners

We are happy to announce the winners of Horticulture's 2015 Photo Contest sponsored by Lee Valley Tools.

Horticulture’s annual Garden Photo Contest drew professional and amateur photographers to submit their best work in several garden- and nature-related categories. Acclaimed garden photographer Rob Cardillo selected the final winners, which are shown here along with his comments. Thank you to all who participated and to the contest sponsor, Lee Valley Tools.

Grand-prize Winner

“Summer Sunrise” Jeffrey Kubu, Port Reading, New Jersey, USA
The traditional barn background is a perfect foil for this backlit cacophony of flowers, and the breaking sun is a masterful touch.

SummerSunrise Horticulture Photo Contest

Beauty in the Details
First prize

“Love in Love” Roni Hendrawan, Toboali, Indonesia
Precise focus and sweet light add to this well-captured moment of love.

Horticulture Photo contest

Second prize

2.LightDreams Horticulture Photo Contest

“Light Dreams” Ines Leonardo, Setubal, Portugal
Selective focus, moody light and contrasting colors give an emotional depth to this photo.

Third prize

3.Hydrangea Horticulture Photo Contest

“Hydrangea” Marek Ciechowski, Wroclaw, Poland
Minimal focus and a rich color palette help create a sensual view of a lacecap hydrangea.

The Garden Landscape
First prize

1.GloriousGarden Horticulture Photo Contest

“Glorious Garden” Bopha Smith, Salem, Connecticut, USA
The streaming light in this well-balanced image completely transforms this simple garden bed.

Second prize

“Royal Garden” Muhammad Asmar Hussain, Dera Ismail khan, Pakistan
Strong foreground, excellent leading lines and a slightly mysterious destination all enhance this dramatic landscape.

2.RoyalGarden Horticulture Photo Contest

Third prize

“Ode to Piet” Robin Eshelman, Dyke, Virginia, USA
The jaunty birdhouse contrasts nicely with the ice-encased flower bed and foggy background.

3.Ode to Piet Horticulture Photo Contest

Harvest from the Garden
First prize

“Red Onions” Nicola Birch, Spring Grove, Illinois, USA
The objects are commonplace but the selection, placement and lighting are impeccable in this classically inspired still life.

1.RedOnions Horticulture Photo Contest

Second prize

“To Plant a Garden Is to Believe in Tomorrow” Doria Burns, Hiawassee, Georgia, USA
Soft light, simple colors and a terrific gesture all contribute to an iconic image.

2.ToPlantaGarden Horticulture Photo Contest

Third prize

“The Roselle Pluckers” Debdatta Chakraborty, Kolkata, India
Three arms, three beautiful smiles and a well-placed basket show off the photographer's exceptional people skills.

3.RosellePluckers Horticulture Photo Contest

Wildlife in the Garden
First prize

1.SurpriseGuest Horticulture Photo Contest

“Surprise Guest” Robin Eshleman, Dyke, Virginia, USA
The details of the ice crystals and the eye reflection that make this a superb portrait, beautifully composed and executed.

Second prize

stop squirrels

This squirrel is taking a flying leap before attempting to dig up flower bulbs. Read on for tips on how to stop squirrels from ruining your spring-blooming display.

“Got the Nut!” Julian Ghahreman Rad, Vienna, Austria
The wide eyes, the extended paw and the windblown ears make this perfectly focused image unforgettable.

Third prize

3.HaningWithSunflower Horticulture photo contest

“Hanging with the Sunflower" Harold A. Davis, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
The curved stem and parallel positioning of the bird and flower highlight the poetic dance between two species.