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The plumbing/flood saga continues...

Have you ever seen Gaslight? It's a great old movie where the wife (Ingrid Bergman) is driven slowly mad by her murderer husband (Charles Boyer).

It's sort of like that here right now, except with plumbers.

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Every day something else of mine is ruined, stolen or missing. It's been 3 weeks now and I'm worn down.

The good news is that it looks like they are just about done. The bad news is, how long will it take me to get this place looking good again?

I'd like to slap a fresh coat of sod on this ASAP, but it's going to take forever to get all that ucky clay to break down....

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And the truly bad news is... where are they going to put the rest of this pea gravel? I bet it's like.... in my bed after I've put clean sheets on it. Because that's how this whole thing has gone up until now.

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You can see photos of how it looked last week HERE.

And more photos of the destruction from today HERE.

AND they dropped a giant tiki on top of my new Lead Plant and a just emerging dahlia. The Lead Plant will make it, not so sure about the dahlia.

Forum, yo.