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Welcome to the Courtyard Garden

courtyard garden

A section of the new courtyard garden. I plan to fill this area with shade loving plants.

This landless gardener is still setting her trowel in the soil and installing plants in gardens all about town. For two summers I was a seasonal gardener for the city. It was amazing! The second summer I spent many of my days with an experienced gardener who knew more about plants than I will ever hope to learn. She is generous with her time and knowledge and even has me talking to the birds and learning their calls. Many days we worked side-by-side. Some days I was sent out with a large truck and told to do what I could with a park area that was in need of some attention. I would weed, cut, edge, mulch, plant and weed some more. I earned the trust of the city gardeners, which has led to my next big adventure as a landless gardener.

I am taking on a new park space. It is impossible for every inch of park space to be perfect; there is simply not the time, money or manpower to make this possible. This is true in my city and I am sure in yours as well. Instead of complaining I saw an opportunity. I made a few calls, asked for permission, presented a few garden-references and was granted permission to adopt a new garden space.

Why this space? As I sat one the bench one evening after work I saw what this space could be; a lush shade garden in the back that transitions to a sunnier garden as you move towards the entrance. I saw plants that butterflies and hummingbirds would flock to. I saw a place with benches, paved paths and a covered porch; perfect for park visitors. I saw a blank slate that I couldn’t wait to fill with hostas, Rodgersia, coral bells and ligularias in the shade and salvias, lantanas and coneflowers towards the front.

I hope you follow along as I try to breath life into this courtyard garden!