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Week 3 Gardening for Dummies

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My seed pellets with the few survivors. Stay strong fellas!

Seed pellets, with the few survivors. Stay strong!

Well, about three weeks in my Gardening for Dummies escapades and I've already had a slight setback. Apparently, I was too eager and thought that I could ensure growth by burrowing the seeds down as far as possible in my soil pellets (and proceeding to drown them in water). What can I say, I was really nervous during my first major project to impress you CoHorts and I didn't want to let anyone down (ha,ha). I started to become doubtful when I realized the majority of my seedlings did not begin to emerge as time went on. Regardless, I yielded around a mere 5 sprouts from fallen and lucky seeds that did not quite make it into my deepened holes of darkness. So today, I started fresh and basically dusted the top of the pellets with 2-3 seeds instead of smothering them. I knew I would somehow have problems, but I didn't think it would be this early in the road! I know I can do this CoHorts, I just need your support!