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Giving Up The Goods

Wanna see my garden?

I went over the garden gate today, literally. I just climbed right over it and invited myself over to my neighbor's garden. Their garden is fully hidden from view and I've been MOST curious about since we've lived here. Their garden is AAAAMAZING and really had me bubbling over with inspiration.

As she was escorting me out of her garden (trying to get me to leave and shut up!)- we stood in the alley between our houses chatting, I looked over at my garden and said- "Hey, this doesn't look too shabby from up here..."

Let's start with some "befores"...

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From amanda

From amanda

And now, not even 2 years later....

I keep telling myself that for 2 years and not picking up before I make videos.. it's not that bad. I'll be in the forum. Tell me what you think!