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Time to update my passport

It may surprise some of you, but I'm just a small-town country girl at heart, happily living in the same suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, where I was born nearly 50 years ago. I visited Europe (Germany, Switzerland and Italy) when I was a young girl, and managed trips to Mexico and Canada, but otherwise my travels have been contained by the lower 48. I simply didn't feel the pull of the world, until now.Perhaps it's that I'm reaching the autumn of my life that's spurring this new-found wanderlust, but whatever it is I suddenly have the desire to strike out for parts unknown (to me, that is). I long to feel the tropical sunshine of the Caribbean islands on my skin. Want to wander the verdant hillsides of Ireland. Yearn to feel the wind blow against my face during summertime in Alaska. And after today, I wish to stroll the paths of Monet's garden at Giverny in France.

Monet's garden path

Monet's garden path.

I have the wonderful duty of hosting our Smart Gardening Online Workshops, and this week (Wednesday, 8.25.10) Derek Fell presents "Design a Work of Art With Your Garden." Fell is a well-respected garden designer, author and photographer, and his photos and descriptions of Monet's garden, as well as those of other Impressionist painters, has me longing to plan my next holiday in France. I had the pleasure of rehearsing the workshop with Derek today, and he's so well-versed in his descriptions that occasionally I forgot I had a job to do I was so lost in the gardens' beauty.

The workshop is free (yes, free!), sponsored by our friends at There are still a few seats left if you register now. And even if you can't attend the live workshop, your registration will give you access to the recorded version we'll make during the live presentation. You can download the workshop and listen to it at your leisure.

Cedar store

Hope to "see" you Wednesday for this Smart Gardening Online Workshop. I'm off to find the paperwork I need to update my passport.

Peace on the garden path,