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The photos will draw you in like nectar.

Gail Eichelberger has a trick up her sleeve; amazing photography. With just a glance at the images on her blog you are drawn like a bee to pollen, unable to resist and coming back for more. For over 25 years Gail has been working magic with her clay and limestone plot of earth. Her passion for native plants shows in the beauty of her gardens and in her blog, aptly named Clay and Limestone, the latest recipient of our Best Gardening Blogs 2011 award.


“Plants have to be rugged to survive our wet winters and dry summers, that's why I plant Cedar Glade natives and native friendly exotics that will grow and thrive in clay and limestone. Here's how I sum it up, native wildflowers are good for the earth and good for its inhabitants,” Gail shares on her blog.


Before you think, Oh no, not another person telling me how I have to garden, relax. Preachy she is not. Her smart whit and good humor capture the fun and the passion she has for growing native plants and the countless visitors they attract. Should you get bit by the native gardening bug, Gail has all the facts about the plants. She is quick to sing their praises and point out their flaws. Gail’s expert advice takes the guesswork and unpleasant surprises out of gardening.


With blog entry titles like; Now Is The Time To Bee-gin Thinking About Bees, This Is The Place To Bee, If You Could Plant Only One Plant In Your Garden, Don'tand Go Bare In Your Garden you know you are in for a lot of fun when reading Clay and Limestone.

Side Note: There has been a common theme amongst our Best Gardening Blogs winners- excellent photography. Great gardening goes hand-in-hand with great photography. Did you know Horticulture is holding a Garden Photography contest? You do now! Click here to learn more.

Jenny Koester, AKA The Landless Gardener, is the Garden Blog Editor for Horticulture magazine and the author of The Garden Life.