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Thank You, Plants

Coral Drift Roses Carousel Little Bluestem

'Carousel' little bluestem with Coral Drift roses and inkberry holly (Ilex glabra 'Shamrock') behind.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's a simple list of what I'm thankful for in my garden:

1. Shrubs, especially my 'Green Velvet' boxwoods, 'Mt. Airy' fothergilla, inkberry holly and dwarf Korean lilac.

2. Our big old oak tree that inspired me to name our garden Last Oak, that makes possible weird stories such as the theft of the hen-of-the-woods mushroom and that gives our house some shade in summer.

3. Ornamental grasses, namely 'Carousel' little bluestem and 'Little Bunny' pennisetum, for fall interest and also because they bewilder my husband, who usually has an answer for everything, God love him.

4. Lots of fallen leaves to shred and top-dress the garden with over the next couple weeks.

5. Garden stones.

6. Johnny jump-ups because they're something to look forward to through the winter.

7. Dandelions—just because my daughter loves them and so do goldfinches.