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Guest Post: Texas In July

I'm so excited to have Annie from The Transplantable Rose as a guest blogger today! And she's got a world premiere video for us!

What fun to be guest posting for the Kiss My Aster blog. Thanks so much for inviting me to premiere a new song here at Horticulture!

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As “Annie in Austin” I write about gardens and life in Austin, Texas at the Transplantable Rose blog.

A few years ago my husband “Philo” began turning some of the songs I’ve written into videos for our YouTube station.

Most of my songs are about plants and gardening, like "Arizona Ash" and many of them are funny – a song called “The Austin Entomologist” just has to be funny, with lines about cockroaches and praying mantises. A few are serious and emotional– “Can I Recover Christmas” is a nostalgia-filled song about dealing with loss when the holidays come around.

But for my smart-alec friend Kissmyaster/Amanda it just had to be a funny one – at least I hope you’ll get a smile or two from “Texas in July”. A different version of this song was written by my son Ted and me called “I Don’t Want to Live In Texas When It’s May” – in spite of the title that was really a song about lilacs in Illinois, and I’ve always wanted to make an all Texas version– here goes!

Thanks, Annie! Great video... and now I get the day off! Woot! I'll still be in the forum, I'll post the plant list from the video there!