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A Winter Pot Yea Or Nay?

I want to hear what you think on this one. I mean it. I pity the fool who doesn't pipe up!

I saw this pot on the Mag Mile in Chicago the other day, what do you think?

It's painted Teasel, which is the NASTIEST of invasive ditch weeds. Am I hinting at which way I feel about it?

Hey, I'm all about finding a use for stuff and these people are geniuses for picking something off a roadside, painting it and charging for it. And I'm guessing that the paint probably inhibits them from seeding out...

Plus, where are they going to seed out to? I'm certain that even if they did they would be weeded out immediately. Meh, for some reason it rubs me the wrong way. But seriously, tell me what YOU think in any of these ways...

1. The Forum

2. On Twitter

3. The Kiss My Aster Facebook page

4. The Horticulture Facebook page

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