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Star Wars Garden Craft Week: A New Hope

Part I in a trilogy, so hold on to your Tauntauns...
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Today I made a Star Wars Shrinky Dink plant marker; reason enough to declare this Star Wars Garden Craft Week! It was a pain in the ass despite using the Force, and that’s why I only made one. But I have to admit it’s super cool looking and I bet it will hold up outdoors for a long, long time. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I bought some Shrinky Dink plastic online. I thought I bought the one made for my laser printer but nooooooo. I bought the wrong one.
  2. Download the classic Star Wars fonts here; Star Jedi is the one you want
  3. Print out whatever words or plant names you want. I used size 72 to get this tiny size. After they printed I had to cut out the words and tape them together the way I wanted them. I used a Sharpie to connect the letters the way they are connected in the Star Wars logo.
  4. I used the Sharpie to trace the letters on the plastic; this step would have been eliminated if I had done #1 correctly. Or maybe not since I rearranged the words. Maybe my mistake is also my stroke of genius—I wouldn’t be surprised.
  1. At this point I should have colored it, but I thought it looked cool clear, until I tried photographing it to show you how cool it looks and you can’t see it.
  2. I started cutting with an old, dull X-ACTO knife on a kitchen cutting board during Oprah. It pretty much took the whole hour to cut it out . I should have used my light saber.

7. I stuck it in the toaster oven at 250° for about 3 minutes. I freaked out at how shriveled they got but, true to the instructions, they did flatten out when they were done. I had forgotten that part since the last time I did Shrinky Dinks in ’83.

And that was it! I really love it! I might make more while Oprah is on tomorrow. What do you think?

Any ideas for Star Wars Garden Craft Week? Join me in the forum, where you can tell me that making plant markers out of Shrinky Dinks is the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard of, I can’t wait

You can also use to Force to guess what other 2 Star Wars garden crafts I’m going to make…