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A Review Of Smith & Hawken's Going-Out-Of-Business Sale


So I went to check out the local Smith & Hawken's big going-out-of-business sale. I was lured in by the GIANT "Everything is 50-60% off!" banners. I have to say... Meh.

I guess I should disclose that I was never a big fan of Smith & Hawken anyways. Everything in there just seemed way too mature for me. I like fun, modern, hip stuff and I have never believed that just because you're going to use it outside, that it has to be made in shades of granola.

I would be more likely to shop at the Hot Pink Shovel Emporium, how I wish it existed. Those blue ceramic bird houses were the "wildest" things in there. Heck, I'd rather shop on Etsy and find cooler, handmade and CHEAPER stuff!

But the real sticking point with me is the crazy, pass-the-crack-pipe prices. These chairs were $1400, and now they are marked down to $700. My CAR cost $500 (5 years ago!) and the seats in the car also recline- and I have 2 of them. And they came WITH A CAR THAT TAKES ME PLACES. What the Heliopsis makes these chairs worth $1400, EVER? Perhaps that's why there's such a large stack of them there... Maybe they should try giving a car with the purchase of 2 chaise lounges.

They did have some cute magnets that were fake outdoor faucet/spigot handles- they were cute but plastic-y. $15 down from $30. Okay, this probably tells of my own cheapness but... $15 for magnets? 10 minutes in a junk yard and I could have the goods to make them, and they'd be REAL and I'd be reusing something- which is way more gardeny that picking something up in a shop.

I wonder how much a chain like this could have caused people think they "didn't have the money" to get into gardening?

Tell me how much you'd pay for those chairs in the forum...

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