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Slime Is On My Side

Ok, so if snail slime is good for your wrinkles.... I'll take wrinkles, please.

I think I was wearing my slug pin at work the other day and my homegirl, Kelly, asked me what was up with the sluglove. I told her that they are sort of my totem animal. I feel like if I celebrate them enough they will stay away from my garden, because everybody knows slugs HATE celebrations.

Anwhoo- Kelly told me she saw some skin cream made from snail or slug slime and I was pretty sure she was lying to me. I'm pretty gullible. So I scribbled it down and Googled it and sure enough- people put snail/slug slime on their faces to reduce wrinkles and stuff. Now, if that isn't bad enough- think of the guy who's job it is to what,,, harvest snail slime? Hello Dirty Jobs! We have a winner!

(And I wonder how soft and wrinkle free his hands are!)

Awesome ceramic slugs by My Mother's Garden

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