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Another One For The Punk Rock Gardeners...

There just happens to be a garage in the middle of my garden.What to do, what to do...

Yesterday I made my drawing of my yard, today I'm tackling its problems. First of all the problems is the garage someone just happened to leave in the midst of my garden. I can't complain about the garage's existence, I'm quite fond of it- truly. But it is quite in the middle of things... There is a very slim path that leads along the left side of the garage to a seating area.

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All together: How slim is it?

SO slim that while pushing a wheelbarrow down the path, I skinned my left knuckle on the cinder-block wall. Ew. And it happened months ago and you can still see the mark.

Anyways. I need to do something to the wall to make it more... pretty. I've thought about trellises, mirrors, vines, fabric... but wait, what's this?

An Etsy shop that sells rad retro, sideshow and tattoo-related signs
? Whaaa?

Look at this one!

Whoa, this one is super mega awesome!

And what the heck is this one trying to say??? Hmmm?

I'm thinking about... 20 of these signs, together with my small collection of hex signs, would make that garage look pretty cool!

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Am I on to something? Forum, yo.