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Seeds to Start

I am really feeling anxious for spring! It seems counterintuitive, but because winter here in my area has been abnormally warm and snowless, it is beginning to feel extra long.


I've already read a dozen gardening books from our local library and sketched a bunch of different ideas for what I want to do to our garden and yard this year. It's all just making me more impatient.

Happily, in just a few weeks it will be time to start our indoor seeds. I have a small light stand, so we're somewhat limited in how much we can grow, but that's okay. Actually, the fewer seedlings I have to look after, the better. I've narrowed it down to two annuals to start: nasturtiums (shown) and pot marigolds, for window boxes and containers.

I chose the pot marigolds (Calendula officinalis) because I like them and they are harder to find as transplants than African marigolds, at least at the garden centers I visit.

I chose the nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus) because I've grown them from seed before with success, I love them, and especially because I want to let my two-year-old daughter help start them. I know she'll love it. Nasturtiums seeds are nice and big, so they won't be frustrating for her to handle. Also, we'll be starting them in peat pots since nasturtiums don't enjoy having their roots disturbed. The peat pots will keep them happy at transplant time, and they'll make it easy for my daughter to help then, too.

My only final decision concerns what variety to grow of each of the above. I've decided not to mail order them because I'm only buying two packets. So we'll have to wait until the seed racks appear, which shouldn't be too long now!

Image attribution: Density. Image rights.