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Secret Side Business Plans

I should probably get a copywright, or whatever, on this before I tell you about it.

I have this tremendous money making idea. Okay, here are the basics...

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  1. Wealthy people like to pay people to do stuff for them
  2. They are always showing off for the neighbors
  3. I have a little extra time on my hands in winter

So I was thinking that I could take 1+2+3, add a few feet of snow, some carrots, lumps of coal and a variety of thrift store hats and scarves and that will equal...A MILLION!

What the Helichrysum am I talking about?

People paying me to come and make custom, designer snowmen at their homes! C'mon! It'll make millions!

I'll make the giant snowball body parts at my house and at public parks (or maybe cemetaries) in the middle of the night (I'll dress like a ninja). Then I'll drop off the snowmen parts and construct them whilst barely disturbing the serene drifts of snowy purity at the homeowner's abode. I might even wear special stilts that enable me to disturb even less of the homeowner's powder.

I'll even take special orders for snowfamilies and base the likenesses on previously provided photos. Every 4 family members get a snowpet for free!

You KNOW it's an awesome idea.

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My neighbors made these all by themselves, they must not be able to afford to have someone make snowmen for them! (They are quite good though, I plan on hiring them when the business grows)

Forum, yo.