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The Secret to Being a Great Gardener

Oh, you’re not getting off that easy. You’ll have to click to read the rest…
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The secret to being a great gardener is to have guts, chutzpah, audacity, balls, backbone, courage, daring, moxie, fortitude, grit, pluck, spirit or spunk. If you don’t get discouraged by a few accidents, a few split hoses or a few killed plant you’ll do fine.

Keep at it. The only difference between me and someone with a brown thumb? I don’t give up. I try something else. It’s a great metaphor for life but Kiss My Aster does not get deep, just bedazzled.

I’d have more to say if it wasn’t like October outside. I have all these great projects on hold until the weather shapes up. Let’s hope that’s tomorrow. Until then? The forum!