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Rhubarb Wizard

Inquiring minds want to know.... Why did I think of playing pinball in the 80s when I saw this rhubarb growing in my yard?

I was just out in the yard cleaning up and discoving things and this rhubarb caught my eye. The first thing I said to myself was, "Whoa".

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

The second was...."Embryon, function!"

It totally reminds me of the art on a pinball machine we had in the basement when I was a wee lass. When you started a game, the robot voice inside stated, "Embryon, function!" and trust me- it was really, super cool in '82.

The art that the rhubarb reminded me of can be seen here.

Do you see it or am I just creepy? I mean, there's no naked red and purple lady inside there... or is there?

Forum, yo.

and BTW, I'm still a pinball hustler.