Kiss My Aster has entered a relocation program.
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Once upon a time a Chicago girl tried living in Indiana, with the corn and Friday night fish frys and the kindest neighbors you could imagine. But it just wasn't good enough for me, I mean, this girl the story is about. So the girl got a kick-ass job in the magical land called Illinois and spent many weeks commuting and staying in hotels and on friends' sofas (because the job was 80 miles from home!) until the girl and her prince consort could pull it together.

I am pleased to announce our imminent departure from Indiana into the welcoming arms of Illinois' North Shore. Just spitting distance from one of my favorite places on Earth, The Chicago Botanic Garden. Before you go thinking "My Aster- THAT sounds hoity toity!" let me reassure you that I don't DO hoity toity.

New adventures and a whole new garden ahead!

I'm either bringing the bouquet to my new boss to kiss a little Aster or it'll be the first thing to enter my new place! What do you think? I'm sort of lying when I say I'll be in the forum, because I'll be moving. Duh.

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