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Pruning Privet in the rain

“Pruning Privet in the Rain” is the name of my upcoming solo album…(not really!)
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I noticed the Privet hedge really needed a good pruning when it rained yesterday- the rain makes the whole hedge bend into a low bow that‘s very “The King and I”. I guess I’m behind in pruning them. It’s not my fault. Last week they were just twigs and they filled out overnight. I swear it!

Anywhoo. J’adore pruning and I insist on taking on all 40 some feet, err- 80 feet (front and back) by hand, just me and my Felcos. That way I can really be sure I’m doing it the right way, it’s a 100 times quieter and I don’t need an extension cord and then I’m sure that I’m not doing this to my hedges…

(Photo courtesy of a neighborhood hedge, you can’t even walk on that sidewalk without taking on a serious lean!)

BTW- I don’t want any crap for growing Privet. I know it’s a big ol’ invasive weed but 1. It was here when we moved in 2. It’s awesome privacy and 3. We rent- so stick it.

Hasta la forum, baby.