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Planty Raid!

My usual grasp on sanity can be a bit loosey-goosey. But when free plants, of any kind, are involved... I am continually shocked at how low I will go.

Bad to the phloem!

It all started with me when I got my first job in a nursery. All the dead and dying plants went on a "pitch out" pile and I hovered over that thing like it was a giant chocolate flourless cake. I brought home as many plants as a Suzuki Swift could hold, several times a week. And if you don't remember how large the Suzuki Swift was- It was about the size of a L'Eggs egg.

If you don't remember how big that was, I can't help you.

The feeling of wild hoarding was so good that it created a monster. Getting something, if mostly dead, for nothing was a rush. Nursing that mostly dead thing back to life and into something beautiful was more than a rush. Especially when someone would come to see my garden, compliment me on said plant and I'd get to say, "Oh yes, that. I pulled it out of a pile of dead crap and now look at it!"

I believe this is also how Pearl got started. And if that isn't hardcore addiction....

My recent nights have been filled with hugely pregnant, whale-like tossing and turning and hours spent awake. And yet the morning I knew some small rubber tree plants were going to be thrown away at work at sunrise? I popped out of bed like a younger, non-pregnant, coffee drinking me! And I don't even LIKE rubber trees. It was all about the RUSH!

Would you travel long distances for free plants, dumpster dive, dig up huge root balls in a friend's (or Craigslister's) yard if a plant was offered? Would you sully your fine leather seats with mud?

Do you have "boundaries"? And if you do... Can you teach me how to have some?