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Phone It In Sunday

I was just finishing my post when my browser crashed. So now you're getting the (ahem) modified version...

It's late, I'm cold, Dan is yelling at the television and my browser just crashed as I was concluding my post and I have to start all over gain. SO...

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1. It's Mandy Gras. What's Mandy Gras? It's the first 13 days of February where I, Amanda Thomsen, am celebrated by ME and anyone else who thinks it might be a good idea to get your party on this bleak time of year. February 13th, my birthday, is the last day of Mandy Gras. How are you going to celebrated Mandy Gras? You could go thrift shopping, wear something super tacky, take a long hot bath while listening to angry girl-rock or eat pineapple until you're so sick you want to die. Since it's completely made-up, there's a lot of freedom. If you don't have your own made-up holiday, I really encourage it.

2. February 16th is Paczki Day. I showed a lot of restraint in not extending Mandy Gras through to Paczki Day.

3. I'm stressing because Target ALWAYS has their garden stuff up by now and so far, here, they don't. Any sign of it by you? They have far hipper garden stuff that the rest of the big boxes, I think.

4. Only 200-some people have watched the very brief video of me running over a poinsettia with my 1986 Saab 900. What's up with that?

Forum, yo.