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I'm planting a peacock garden.* (*No actual peacocks will be harmed in this gardening experiment)

Book it. Peacocks are coming "in". In 2 years, everything will be peacocky. So I decided, why not plan a peacock garden now and be ahead of the curve? 

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I became obsessed with this idea last winter when I wanted to use peacock feathers in all my winter pots. I love the dark, moody... yet vibrant...glamor of them!

Naturally, I have some plants out there in the garden already. But I just bought this stuff for my peacocky garden....

(I should mention that I could never, ever afford all these plants but my place of employment generously lets me buy things from our vendors at cost, it was all practically free)

Any suggestions for more peacocky plants for zone 5?

Let me know in the forum, yo.

P.S. I tried to get this little guy, super affordable- right? Except the shipping was like....$30. So I'm back to paper mache or something...

P.P.S. I'm so into peacocks right now that I decided that the French for "peacock" was going to be something wonderful and exotic- as "pamplemousse" is to "grapefruit". Boy, was I disappointed...