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One Step Beyond

A little quirky inspiration for your garden. Okay, my "quirky" is probably your "tacky" but...

*Disclaimer: Ms. Aster is fighting a cold and not quite feeling herself. She's thinking it might be time to stop fighting and just let it get me.... I mean "her".

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So I'm laying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself and flipping through this inspirational little book we got for our wedding. The book reminded me how badly I wanted a Big Boy mascot statue for my garden, I told Dan that I never want diamonds, just a Big Boy! We even found an amazing website that sold Big Boy replicas for $5k and we bookmarked it for the day when we could make this dream come true for me.

Apparently the dream has taken too dang long, since it appears that site is now extinct. But in looking for it, we ran across this site which, although not easy to browse, offers so much eye candy and so much inspriation that I'm not thinking about my Big Boy that much anymore. I'm thinking about giant ice cream cones and turkeys and zebras... but not clowns. Never clowns.

Photo made by George Garrigues in 1984 in Inglewood, California,

Asterism: A gardener cannot thrive on good taste alone.

Forum, yo.