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Oh, How The Mitey Have Fallen

I've been watching this slow, painful decline and fighting it organically- and loosing.

I've been watching this slow,painful decline and fighting it organically- and loosing. Which is more important, being organic or saving this expensive (in my book) Dwarf Albert Spruce? I have helped many customers work through this, treating it with alternating spritzes of Sevin and strong hosing downs with the water wand set on "jet". I've seen them bounce back, even from this thoroughly crappy state.

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So have I done what I know works? Nope. I'm out there with insecticidal soap in a ladybug-shaped sprayer. The mites are probably laughing at me, maybe taking a nice sudsy bath in all that soap. Perhaps wearing tiny bathing caps and performing Esther Williams water pirouettes.

I'm at the point where I'm ready to go get that red bottle that will save my twins (did I mention they are a pair? Of course they are, maybe lacking in imagination, but it looks cute in winter, OK? Don't judge me). Try and save me in the forum.