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Reinvention is for gardeners

It's the first of the year and we're all thinking of ways to reinvent ourselves in little, or maybe big, ways. I wonder what Madonna is up to today....
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I was driving home through a crazy ice storm last week and I thought to myself, I wonder what won’t make it to spring and will need to be replaced with something new? Instead of being filled with dread about it, I marveled at the opportunities.

That’s what’s cool about gardeners, we aren’t afraid to reinvent ourselves because we are forced to do it all the time!

If this dies…I’ll try that!

Oh, you have some free divisions to give me? I don’t have room but I’ll make room.

Hose doesn’t reach that far? SEDUMS!

Dog constantly peeing on the Brussels sprouts? Then it’s an awesome place for a statue on a pillar so the pee just hits the pillar. And atop the pillar? Maybe a bust of Elvis? Fat Elvis makes a better garden bust, in my opinion.

As my good friend Tim Gunn* says, “Make it work!”

Nobody makes it work for herself (outside of the garden) better than Madonna. If I were going to devote a garden to Madonna it would include:

  1. Sambucus nigra ‘Madonna’
  2. Echinacea purpurea ‘Virgin’
  3. Iris ‘Michigan Pride’
  4. Rosa ‘Erotica’
  5. Fragraria ‘Evita’
  6. Hemerocallis ‘Lourdes’
  7. Rosa ‘Pope John Paul II’
  8. Lilium ‘Vogue’
  9. Hemerocallis ‘Foreign Accent’
  10. Dahlia ‘Borderline’

 *Except we’ve never met. But I’m sure he’d be charmed if we did meet. I wonder if he knows Madonna?

The photo is of a Pseuderanthemum I was sure I had killed when, by trying to protect it from a frost one night (before I brought it in for the winter), I threw a garbage bag over it. I forgot to take the bag off the next day and it became baked Pseuderanthemum. I brought it inside anyway and behold! Not so much a reinvention as a resurrection, but let’s not split hairs.

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