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Whooa, We're Half Way There...

I say it while crossing my fingers- I have not had fruit flies, fungus gnats or drain flies all winter long. Livin' on a prayer...

Every winter I accumulate new, unwanted "pets"...fruit flies, fungus gnats and drain flies. Why? I have compost accumulations in my kitchen, a worm bin in the basement and a room full of over-wintering plants. I am a sitting duck. But this year? Nada.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Livin' on a prayer.

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Here are some worm bin photos to marvel at.

Top tray:

Middle tray:

Bottom tray:

Bottom of the bin:

And THAT is several inches deep. Pure worm castings.... Good as gold to this gardener!

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A few words on vermiculture. They are worms, people. You can't really do it wrong. I throw my junk mail in there, unopened, and pull the plastic "windows" from envelopes out later. But I have found that if you overfill it- you're just dooming yourself to flies. And it really, really sucks.

So, bottom line. Kiss My Aster's #1 Rule of Vermicomposting?

Don't overfill it. Anything else goes.

Forum, yo.