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Make No Little Plans

Unless you have a little garden...

Most who know me, even just a little, are surprised to learn that I insist on having a drawn plan for my chaotic garden. And I have a few reasons for it...

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  1. I'm a big direct sower, because I'm cheap like that. I just toss seeds into the yard. I'll just end up weeding them out unwittingly if I don't keep some sort of record. Because I am a turbo-weeder. 
  2. I'm a know-it-all and I hate labeling plants. Having the plan is the blueprint to knowitallness. Can I get that trademarked?
  3. I'm a big believer in intentional chaos. It's just plain chaos if you do it without a plan. If you do have one and someone comes over and is all, "What's this mess?" You can point to the plan and say, "I know you are, but what am I?"
  4. If you have a drawing, you can make several clean copies to play Fashion Plates with your garden. It's nice to try on new looks, no?

Now, having a plan is all fine and good if it's easy to do. There's no point to making life harder for yourself than it already is, so here's what I suggest:

Google your address. Hit the "satellite" button in the top right corner. Zoom in your house as tight as you can. Either save the image, print the screen or use a little piece of masking tape to hold some tracing paper on your monitor and trace it right off the screen. If you print it, depending on how small it is- you can just trace it on tracing paper and use it, or blow it up a little on a copier and use it. Make sure to make a few extra copies.

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Now, there are bound to be a few trees in the way, you know your own space well enough to negotiate around that. And heck, it's not like this plan has to be PERFECT. It's just a little something to help you- it really helps me. I think having a plan helps me to save a ton of money. I'm not turbo-weeding out seedlings, buying things to replace things that just come up late that I've forgotten about AND I get to bring my plan to garden centers when I go. I look pretentious carrying it around (score!) and I am only buying what I need according to the plan.

What do you think about this malarkey? You can tell me in La Forum.