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Lights, Wreaths, Action!

All around town, including my street, outdoor Christmas decorations and lights have appeared, many on the day after Thanksgiving. Personally I feel it's a bit early, but at the same time I'll admit feeling some pressure to do something festive to our own yard.

I looked at the calendar and Christmas does seem to be coming up fast. Maybe because it falls on a Sunday it seems sort of early this year? Still, the decorations do look out of place—if only because it has been so warm in my area—the second warmest November on record!

I think the soonest I'll have outdoor decorations up will be December 4. I'm thinking of putting some greenery in my biggest clay pot and putting that near the front steps. Maybe shove some sort of baubles or bows in there too. We can't really string lights because our shrubs are all new—that is to say, short—and I think they'd either look funny or just get buried by snow (assuming the weather ever cools). Call me Scrooge, but I am also too cheap to pay for the electricity for outdoor lights or one of those blow-up characters. The latter isn't really my style anyway, though I see the appeal for kids.

I'm deliberating putting the electric candles in the windows. I do think those always look nice. Our first year here I put them up. Last year I didn't because my daughter had just turned one and was much more mobile so I figured they would be dangerous. This year she would be OK around them, but we recently ordered replacement windows. I guarantee you the day I get the candles all rigged the guys will call me to say they want to come install the new windows. So I guess I'm leaning toward no candles. I just don't want to look like the Grinch of the block.

How about you? How do you decorate your yard and garden for the holidays? Let us all know in a comment, and/or post a photo on our Facebook page!