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Life-Sized Advent Calendar Update

Just a wee update to last week's post about the life-sized advent calendar I'm making for my Christmas crazed husband...

Bad to the phloem!

Here is what he's gotten so far....

Life-Sized Advent Calendar

Life-Sized Advent Calendar

1. A package of Reese's Cups that each weigh a half a pound. Seriously. (#1 made of masking tape stuck to an old mid-century modern bureau we use as a entertainment stand)

2. A CD of Christmas music (lipstick on the mirror, I'd always wanted to try that!)

3. A field trip to a Christmas market in a historic old barn (he loves that kind of crap!)

4. A trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden to see their Christmas display. It was super rad. (3 &4 are tissue paper stuck to the side door window)

5. A selection of cheese and sausage. (Yes, I wrote that number on the deli drawer of the fridge in mustard!)

6. A Christmasy smelling candle (#6 made of candy striped ribbon on a cabinet way up high)

We have left all the numbers up so far, except the mustard....