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Let's Buy Art!

You know there's a blank spot on the wall that needs it...
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One of the highlights of hitting the GardenScape show last month was getting to see a portion of the Alien Nature exhibit and also getting to meet the artists/photographers/geniuses behind it.

How do they do it? I think they send the flowers through a special Hadron kaleidoscope and then take pictures of it. I was drinking Arbor Mist when they were explaining it to me so really, it's anybody's guess. I just know I like it.

I love trying to figure out what flowers were used in the pieces... and then just giving up. I also like that lots of them are allegedly really suggestive. Flowers+ allegedly really suggestive=sign me up!

Here is a link to Alien Nature's site. On the right there's a "start presentation" button you should click. Watch the show and tell me what you think!

Forum, yo.