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Rhymes With Orange

Words about being difficult, from someone that enjoys being...difficult.

I try not to tell anyone what to do but when you decide to be "difficult" for the sake of being difficult- chances are good that someone's going to spit in your burger, "forget" to add the caramel in your Caramel Macchiato or make you some ugly ass winter pots.

I don't talk about work here so that I don't end up getting myself into trouble but I can say this- a customer requested an odd-colored accent in their winter pots and they were not denied or reasoned with and I have to say, those pots scared the poop out of me. Holy ugly.

So, do yourself a favor- eat the burger a little overdone. Chill out and enjoy your latte... And keep your winter pots winter colored, it's for your own good.

I don't even have any decor in the customer's requested color in my house, but I do have these awful Halloween KitKat bars that are covered with festive, fall-colored chocolate. Dan said they were gross and that's why they are still here.

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