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Why Don't You Come Up And See Me Sometime?

I'm officially a volunteer at the Chicago Botanic Garden...again.

Before I (briefly) moved to Indiana, I was a volunteer at the Chicago Botanic Garden for a few summers. I got started in volunteering there because I was forced- for master gardener training ,60 hours the first year and 30 hours each year after that... Now that I'm back in Chicagoland, I can't wait to get back to volunteering- and I'm not even a certified master gardener anymore because things got all wack-a-doo with moving back and forth. I'm just doing it because I  like it. Who knew it would work out like THAT?

I'll be resuming my old post at the English Walled Garden, trying to get people to talk to me about gardens. People don't seem that interested in garden chit-chat, seems like they make getting through the gardens a race, or maybe it's just me they avoid. Maybe it's because I'm the only volunteer with tattoos... I spend my shift watching a lot of Polyester Brides gettting their wedding photos taken (trust me, it's hard to look your bridey best in broad daylight- especially when it's 90 degrees out and they're head-to-toe sequins). So I'm inviting you to come up and see me!

Here's some photos I snapped while I was there yesterday...

Forum, yo.

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