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Kiss My Aster Public Service Announcement

If you're going to garden, there's one thing you probably should do to ensure your own safety. And that's coming from someone that really enjoys gardening dangerously...

I'm not one to preach about safety. In fact, it's one of my least favorite words (except when used in this particular case). I think about safety so infrequently that it's truly amazing that I'm here to blog about it. Never even broke a bone.

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When someone tells me to "drive safely" I roll my eyes and play "drive in England", while yelling loudly "DRIVE IN ENGLAND! DRIVE IN ENGLAND!".

When someone tells me to "be safe" I run roller skate with scissors, steak knives and a pair of brand new, razor sharp Felcos.

When you tell me to "be careful" I'll leave my Coffee Mate a little too close to the camp fire.

That being said, I'd be a real knucklehead to not get a tetanus shot every 10 years. And inevitably something sharp and rusty happens to me about a week after I receive a tetanus shot, you could set your Google Calender by it.

It's just a matter of time til you...

  • Run a spade through a toe
  • Fall aster-first on a pitch fork
  • Pick up an innocent looking piece of vintage razor wire
  • Get in a wheel barrow collision
  • Cultivate your left hand


  • Hoe yourself in the shin

This post brought to you by Tetanus Shots For Gardeners, LLC. "It's not the law- but you don't want lockjaw!"

This photo has nothing to do with this post, except that I have written the post AND worn the socks.

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Ok- I want to hear your tetanus HORROR stories*.

In the forum, on Twitter or on my favorite place on Earth- the Kiss My Aster Facebook page.

*Even if you have to make up the stories...