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Kiss My Aster's Gardening Tips For Busy Ladies: The Finale

The third one is a little harder that the first two. Get over it. I mean it.

Kiss My Aster's gardening tips for busy ladies finale:

If it dies, get over it. It wasn't a good fit, you weren't compatible. It was like a bad date that you shouldn't repeat again, for any reason. If it doesn't like your soil, sun situation or watering habits that's not YOUR problem. Because you are a busy lady and have other things to do, like watch a Bette Davis movies on TCM or go to DSW and try on all the boots.

So, if it dies? Celebrate! Good riddance, it was only a matter of time until it became a time, energy or resource suck. There are better plants out there for you anyhow. Plants that "get" you. The plants you deserve.

Ok, busy ladies? I'll be in the forum.

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