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Kiss My Disaster!

There are BAD things going on at the Asterdome today.

I'm trying to be Zen about this.

On Thursday we got a few inches of rain in a very short amount of time. That caused the sewer to back up into our basement.

Now, You KNOW I'm a "collector". You KNOW I had a giant box of seeds I've been saving since forever.

You KNOW I had a vintage purse collection, crates of vintage fabrics and old saris, vintage clothes that would make you cry. I had throw pillows that dated back to Victorian times. I had chairs I always MEANT to reupholster, a 50s baby buggy I MEANT to convert to a bar. The water rose so high that even books high on built-in shelving got wet. Hundreds of books. And 10 years of magazines, including ALL THE SASSY MAGAZINES, EVER.

I'm hurting here,people.

Can you tell?

This is just the beginning, there are guys here now throwing everything away. I'll take an "after" photo too, later.

Sigh. That purse.

The "survivors" are living in the garage until the basement has been sanitized, power washed and had the bad juju removed.

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I'm gonna go take myself out of this situation for a few hours. It hurts too much. Maybe hit a thrift store? And a doughnut shop...

Forum, yo.