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With This Ring, I Thee Weed

It's that time of the year where I lose my wedding band in garden-related way...

I planned our super-vintage, budget-concious wedding (almost 6 years ago) all by myself and it all went off as planned- except I forgot to buy the wedding bands until the day before. I got on some completely generic wedding band web site, picked what was simplest and had them FedExed to me the morning of the wedding.

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As a gardener, I'm not much of a ring wearer, especially this time of year. The high heat and humidity make my fingers (and the rest of me) a little extra puffy and I tend to take off my engagement ring, wedding ring, or both- and stick them someplace really crafty for a while, then forget completely where that crafty place was for several months at a time until I figure out where that safe spot was. So far, I always find them again though.

If I lose them, are fancier rings to be purchased to replace them? Maybe I'm playing this all wrong by consistently finding them...

This one does say "May The Force Be With You" inside it though...

Notice the Felco wound and giant callus

Forum, yo.