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I think I over did it.

The weather was perfect yesterday and I was brimming with awesomeness/energy (completely interchangeable).

First task? Well, I can't proceed any farther in my gardening plans until I get rid of some of this crap that's been left by several years of neglect. So, I pulled baby Buckthorns and Mulberries for a few hours, then spent time clearing fallen branches and limbs. Here's the before...

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

And after I opened a can of whup-ass....

Image placeholder title

Um, some of that stuff was too heavy for me... and now I really hurt. But ah, the sense of accomplishment is better than any pain reliever I could buy in a Mexican pharmacy. Or so I keep telling myself.

The weird part? I'm actually going to pay someone to take that pile away to the composting facility. I've dead ended at the corner of Out Of Time Avenue and Not As Young As I Used To Be Street and... here's my money- take it away.

It's the first time I've ever paid for garden help or gotten myself into a pickle I couldn't slice. It feels weird, slighly good... and definitely hurts my wallet. But why not? The rest of me already was hurtin'....

Forum, yo.