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Hooray For March

It's March and if things don't start happening I'm going to make them happen.
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March comes in like a lion and goes out like a really hungry, desperate, pissed-off lion in Chicagoland. I do have high hopes this year that it will relent earlier than usual. All signs point to it, er, at least my Bronze Fennel does.

So I made the resolution to just pretend it’s nice out, bundle up and do my thang. There’s never enough time later on so I might as well just get out there and make it funky. Yes, that was 2 James Brown references in one paragraph.

The other side of that coin is that if my house isn’t clean now it never will be. I’m in the garden so much in the warmer months that housekeeping and indoor chores are pretty far off the radar. “I’ll do that in winter” being the standard excuse. For example, I have a bathroom that is painted exactly as far up the wall as I can reach, a buffet to refinish and several rooms of flooring that need serious help. Unless I start a trucker’s crank habit I don’t see it happening in March.

You know what else is tough about March? I’m a big believer in the front door display. You know, crap put out by my front door that I change to reflect the seasons. Summer gets a big lush container, fall gets a mess-o’-pumpkins, winter gets spruce tips and branches and a massive vintage Santa blow-mold but it’s too cold for pansies and my spruce tips have long since bit the dust. This is the best I could come up with. Eclectic? No?

March Doorscape

Have any ideas for me? Share them in the forum. I’m tidying indoors today but tomorrow? I’m putting my snowshoes on and workin’ it outside!